The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet – by Martin Howard, illustrated by Chris Mould

Today I’m kicking off the blog tour for Martin’s Howard’s intrepid adventure, ‘The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet,’ illustrated by the brilliant Chris Mould. Alfie lives a bleak and depressing life. He and his mum are desperately poor and live on a diet of fish-head soup, you know it’s bad when homeless people slip you a few coins because they feel sorry for you. But Alfie is determined to bring a bit of a joy into his mum’s life on his birthday and will do anything to earn some money. So when he sees an advert offering him a chance to earn £49.99 for a day’s work he is compelled to respond.  Little does he know that his new job for The Unusual Cartography Club is about to take him on a mind-bending, out-of-this world adventure that he will never forgot. A journey that will take him via Brains-In-Jars world to Outlandish where he will have to learn to outwit barbarians and slay dragons if he’s ever going to find his way back home in time for his mum’s birthday.

Wonderfully eccentric and downright peculiar in every way I can see this book being devoured by children at school. I particularly enjoyed Alfie’s creation of a humorous travel journal where he records all his thoughts as he experiences all these weird and wonderful events. Martin has assembled an intriguing cast of characters from the quirky professor to the vain Prince Hoodwink. He challenges stereotypes by making the brave knight Sir Brenda who takes on quests, while her husband stays at home looking after the children and the savage Derek who is a ferocious beast who despite the name is also a girl. Chris Mould’s intricate and lively illustrations give the reader a real sense of the strangeness of the situation Alfie finds himself in. His skill for capturing the personalities of characters is just marvellous, his illustrations are completely engaging. Fabulously funny and brilliantly bonkers, this is a really entertaining read.

Blog Tour

Why not join in with the rest of the blog tour to find out more about this funny adventure.

Thank you to Emma and OUP for inviting me to join in with the blog tour and for my gifted copy in exchange for an honest review. ‘The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet,’ is released on the 7th March and is available to pre-order now online or from any good bookshop.

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