Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets – Alex T. Smith

Today I’m sharing with you on the blog ‘Mr Penguin and the Fortess of Secrets,’ by Alex T. Smith which has been nominated for this year’s Children’s Book Awards. This is the second adventure featuring Mr. Penguin and his trusty sidekick the ninja spider Colin. When Mr Penguin and Colin crash land on a snowy mountain in the middle of nowhere in a bid to escape some terrifying criminals, they find themselves smack bang in a very strange mystery indeed. All of the rodent pets in the village of Schneedorft-on-the-Peak have mysteriously disappeared including Colonel Tuftybum whose owners is convinced that something odd is happening. With strange goings on at the fortress and sinister characters lurking in the shadows, it’s up to Mr Penguin to and Colin to figure out the truth and save the day!

I loved this snowy and thrilling adventure which features Alex T. Smith’s trademark brilliant humour and unique style. He has a knack for creating the most eccentric and marvellous characters who he brings to life with his intricate and hilarious illustrations. The attention to detail is joyful and wonderfully enhances Alex’s lively tale and the story bounces along at a energetic pace, bursting with red herrings and fish finger sandwich references aplenty. Wildly imaginative with clockwork sleighs and hypnotised snakes, it is bound to captivate younger readers. Containing just the right amount of danger, intrigue and peril for its audience which mixed with the incredibly generous slapstick comedy makes for a hugely entertaining read.

I asked Alex how he felt about being nominated for this award.

Alex T. Smith

“I am thrilled to be shortlisted in the Children’s Book Award. It’s always lovely to be shortlisted for an award but this is especially brilliant as the award is voted for by the cleverest, most discerning readers out there: kids!

I had so much fun creating Mr Penguin so I am delighted that my readers are enjoying his adventures as much as I did writing them.”

Children’s Book Award Top Ten Blog Tour

To get a closer look at the other books nominated for this year’s Children’s Book Award you can visit the website and join in with the rest of the blog tour.

Thank you to Kate and FGBG for inviting me to join in with the blog tour and to Hachette for sending me a gifted copy of the book to review in exchange for an honest review. Your child can vote for their favourite book here!

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