Grumpycorn – Guest Post Sarah McIntyre

Today I am delighted to welcome the brilliant Sarah McIntyre to the blog with a special guest post to celebrate the release of her newest picture book, the fabulous, ‘Grumpycorn.’ Unicorn is suffering from writer’s block and is struggling to write the fabulous story of his dreams, even his fancy notebook, fluffy pen and moonberry tea aren’t helping. I think all writers will understand unicorn’s pain as he struggles with writer’s block. Vibrant and bold illustrations meet hilarious and heartfelt storytelling in this fabulous book. Let’s find out more from Sarah…

Grumpycorn: introducing… UNICORN!

Here’s UNICORN! He’s most definitely the star of Grumpycorn; he’s so excited that all these readers will get to watch him create – right before your very eyes! – the most fabulous story in the world. Look at his idyllic writing cottage. Surely he has everything he needs to tap into his creative genius.

…Well, everything except an IDEA. He likes to think of himself as a writer but he has absolutely no idea what to write. But he’s sure that if he faffs around just a little bit more, he can get over his writer’s block.

Unicorn’s predicament gets more and more absurd as the story goes on, and he treats his friends quite badly as his fear sets in that maybe he really isn’t going to write the most fabulous story ever created.

Can his friends help? In the meantime, I’ve created an activity sheet that lets you, the reader (or the person you’re reading to) colour Unicorn and his friends, and give them lots of ideas for stories in their thought bubbles. Each of them likes imagining themselves as the heroes of their stories; what sort of adventures might they be getting up to in their imaginations?

For all my books I’ve created how-to-draw guides, and here’s one for our grumpy Unicorn. Download this, and check out all the activities here on my website!

Thanks to Sarah for this brilliant guest post, the resources look brilliant perfect for using at home or in school.

Thank you to Louisa and Scholastic for inviting me to join in with the blog tour and for sending me a gifted copy of the book in exchange for participation. ‘Grumpycorn,’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop.

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