The Good Thieves – Katherine Rundell

From the opening line of Katherine Rundell’s, ‘The Good Thieves,’ you know that this will be a showstopper of a read. Vita has arrived off the boat from England to bring her beloved grandfather home after the death of her grandmother. Heartbroken she discovers her grandfather is a broken man, cheated out of his family home by a crooked conman and she is determined to right this terrible wrong. How can this small girl outwit the most dastardly of criminal with only her knife throwing skills to protect her. A chance encounter with a young pickpocket and two boys who have the most unusual skills gives Vita an idea. Recruiting this unusual band of misfits, she reveals to them her lawless plan to seize back her grandfather’s home. But Vita isn’t telling them the whole truth and soon they find themselves caught up in a truly deadly and dangerous game of chance.

A new book by Katherine Rundell is always a joy to behold and ‘The Good Thieves,’ is an absolute marvel of a read. Katherine has surpassed my expectations by creating this nail-biting heist, that is extraordinarily compelling. Packed with action, thrills, spills and the unexpected it keeps the reader firmly on the edge of their seats as Vita risks everything in her quest to reunite her grandfather with his home. Katherine excels in conjuring up a vivid sense of time and place in her stories and magnificently transports us to New York in the 1920s. You can feel the post-war buzz in the air with anything and everything feeling like a possibility. It genuinely feels like you have stepped back in time to walk on those grimy boardwalks and sneak into the speak-easies hidden away from the law. She captures the meaness of the city street’s perfectly, giving this story a truly delicious edge. Vita is an exceptional character who refuses to let the limitations caused by childhood polio slow her down, she grits her teeth and battles on her resilience never failing. The attention to detail in the writing is exceptional, I just adored every page of this gorgeous story. Exquisite characterisation meets sublime storytelling in this thrilling, spectacular ride of an adventure. Another classic in the making from Katherine Rundell.

Thank you to Bloomsbury for sending me a gifted proof copy of this marvellous book. ‘The Good Thieves,’ is released online on the 13th June but is available in indie bookshops now.

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