Sophie Johnson: Detective Genius – Guest Post Ella Okstad

Sophie Johnson is back in a new adventure which is bound to delight fans of the first book in this gorgeous series. Now that Sophie has mastered being a ‘Unicorn Expert.’ it’s time to try her hands at something new. She’s studied very hard, read all the books, watched all the tv shows and therefore she is now perfectly qualified to become a detective. So when Lion’s tail goes missing Sophie is swiftly on the case, searching for clues and interrogating suspects. She is far too busy to train up her erstwhile assistant Bella who is a truly awful detective and keeps trying to distract her from her investigation. Morag’s tale is completely hilarious, it’s a joy to watch Sophie so caught up in solving this terrible crime that she fails to spot what is going on underneath her nose. Ella Okstad’s vibrant and intricate illustrations are filled with humour and compliment Morag’s brilliantly clever storytelling perfectly. The story is wonderfully interactive and is a delight to read aloud, especially if you pretend to be as oblivious as Sophie to what’s really happening!

To celebrate the publications of ‘Sophie Johnson: Detective Genius,’ I am thrilled to have the talented and lovely Ella Okstad on the blog with a special guest post.

Ella Okstad – Studio Tour

Hi there!

This is where I work! It is a spacious room in the first floor of my house with a big window overlooking the garden.

After the kids have all gone off to school in the mornings, I sometimes go for a little walk (pretend I’m walking to work, which is actually quite important when working from home). When I get back I give the cat a cuddle, make myself a nice cup of coffee, put the radio on and I´m ready for work!

I love my desk. It is an electric one that can be raised to a standing position whenever I’m tired of sitting.

I always start my projects by sketching on paper trying to find the right look/movement/body language of the character I’m drawing. I find this easier with a pencil on paper than with a digital tool. When I go to finals I use ordinary food wrap paper (I really should get myself a light box) to trace over my sketches and then scan lines to get the hand drawn quality I want. I colour digitally using photoshop.

I work until around 4.30 pm when it`s time to make dinner for my hungry family. Whenever a deadline is approaching (which happens quite a lot) I spend my evenings in the studio before going to bed.

I love my studio!

Huge thank you to Ella for letting us nosy around her studio, I have serious desk envy.

Thanks to Olivia and Simon & Schuster for inviting me to host this blog tour and for sending me a gifted copy of this glorious book (and a fab tote bag) in exchange for an honest review. ‘Sophie Johnson: Detective Genius,’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop.

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