Peril En Pointe – Helen Lipscombe

Regular readers to the blog will know I’m a huge mystery fan. My literary taste has been greatly shaped by my local library and its shelves filled with Famous Five, Secret Seven and Nancy Drew when I was growing up. Since becoming a librarian it is the books of Robin Stevens and Katherine Woodfine that have rekindled my passion for mystery books. So naturally when I hear of a new mystery series bubbling away on Twitter I am determined to seek it out and Helen Lipscombe’s debut, ‘Peril En Pointe,’ looked wonderfully appealing. But I must confess to having incredibly high expectations and I’m thrilled to say that this brilliantly surpassed these standards. Before starting the book I hadn’t read the blurb, instead my 10 year old daughter had spied it in my review pile and after devouring it and declaring it the best book she’s read this year,  I jumped straight in. I can highly recommend this course of action because when the initial twist came early on in the story it was a complete surprise to me and really enhanced my enjoyment.

Milly has grown up in the shadow of her prima ballerina mother never quite managing to impress her mother and her peers, instead the dreaded Willow Perkins steals the limelight causing her nothing but embarrassment. She yearns for her Mum’s approval but when she messes up during the biggest performance of her life, her mum disappears leaving no trace. Convinced her mum is ashamed Milly sinks into the depths of despair, until one day a mysterious invitation to join the Swan House Ballet School gives her a glimmer of hope that she may be able to redeem herself. But this school is not what Milly is expecting and she finds herself pushed to the very limits in her quest to uncover the truth about her mum’s disappearance.

This is such a clever and surprising mystery, that completely enthralled me from start to finish. Helen has created a story that will ignite children’s imaginations with its futuristic imaginings and twists and turns. It has all the necessary ingredients to make it a roaring success, a hapless heroine who you can’t help cheer for, unorthodox and brilliant sidekicks who will leave you smiling, as well as dastardly villains who will stop at nothing to get what they want. It bristles with intrigue and just the right amount of peril to keep readers turning the pages to try and discover exactly what is happening behind the scenes. A story that is bound to excite and entertain mystery lovers, with it’s unexpected and eventful ending. I can’t wait to go back to ballet school with Milly in the next mystery!

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Thank you to Laura and Chicken House for sending me a gifted copy of this book in exchange for a review. ‘Peril En Pointe,’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop.

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