Scoop McLaren Detective Editor – Helen Castles

As much as I’m intrigued by the title of a book, it’s usually the cover that speaks to me the most. I spotted ‘Scoop McLaren,’ on Twitter and was immediately captivated by Beatriz Castro’s illustrations, it really made me want to find out what a mouse, a seagull and some frogs would have in common. So it was a lovely surprise to get a copy in the post. I’m a huge mystery fan but I do have a stash of mysteries waiting to be read but my ten year old daughter read it and raved about it. So here I am today on the blog tour for the first book in a brand new series, ‘Scoop McClaren Detective Editor,’ by Helen Castles.

Scoop Maclaren is horrified when a new online newspaper is launched in direct competition to ‘Click,’ her very own creation. ‘The Dark News,’ offers something that no other newspaper can, the news before it actually happens. Launched at exactly one minute past midnight every night, it predicts plagues of frogs, torrential weather and children turning into stone, causing huge commotion in the town of Higgity Harbour. Scoop alongside her sidekick Evie is determined to expose the editor, the evil Sonny Fink and prevent them from destroying her beloved town completely. But with confusion and chaos at every turn how can they ever hope to uncover the truth and bring this dastardly villain to justice?

I have to say that this book really surprised me, the plot was fast paced and packed with twists and turns that will keep even the best young detective guessing. It had for me a real Jessica Fletcher kind of vibe going on with a seemingly sleepy seaside town facing a totally unexpected crime and I suspect like Jessica wherever Scoop goes a mystery will reappear.  Helen has assembled an interesting cast of characters who I feel that readers will find really appealing. It feels like a fresh and original series that I can see being hugely popular at school, I can’t wait to see what Scoop has instore for us in the future.

Blog Tour

Why not join in with the rest of the blog tour for more reviews and guest posts.

Thank you to New Frontier publishing for sending me a copy of this fab mystery. ‘Scoop Maclaren Detective Editor,’ is available to buy online now or from any good bookshop.


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