The Cloud Horse Chronicles: Guardians of Magic – Chris Riddell

There is nothing better than discovering that one of your favourite author/illustrators has a new series on the way. So I was thrilled to hear about Chris Riddell’s, latest creation ‘The Cloud Horse Chronicles.,’ an epic fantasy that will completely enchant and enthral you. In, ‘Guardians of Magic,’ we open with dark times in the land of Thrynne. A land where fairy tales refuse to behave as they should and where magic can be found in the most unexpected objects and places. The source of the land’s magic, the Forever Tree, is under threat from those who would seek to destroy its power, an enemy who is so dastardly they will stop at nothing to succeed in their quest. But unknown to them, three magical objects have been created and bestowed on three unsuspecting children, who will become the Guardians of Magic. They have no idea of the power they hold or the danger they must face to save Thrynne from this threat.

 Chris has created a truly original and intriguing world, with the most sublime world-building. A world of fairy-tales gone wrong, causing disharmony and threatening the very existence of the magic. He has assembled a truly magnificent cast of characters in Zam, Phoebe and Bathsheba who are thrust into the limelight rather unexpectedly and rise to the challenge of defending their land most brilliantly. Chris has an extraordinary talent for creating the most quirky and likeable characters – who can forget the marvellous Ottoline and Ada Goth – and these guardians are equally brilliant. I was completely entranced by the cloud horses whose ability to grant your true desire at your time in need, is wonderfully charming. I particularly love how Chris has captured their grace and beauty, while still showcasing their strength and bravery. Exquisitely produced with the most stunning illustrations this book is hugely covetable. Prepare yourself to journey on an  adventure that will delight and surprise you in equal measures. This story is an absolute joy from start to finish, a complete triumph.

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