The Mist Monster by Kirsti Beautyman

When Penny and her Dad move house, she isn’t sure, despite her Dad insisting it’s the start of a brand new adventure. She can’t go adventuring without her Mum’s explorer hat and when her dog Peanut runs off with it, Penny is forced to follow him. Lost and unsure in the mist, she stumbles upon a monster who is surprisingly kind and they dash off on a hunt for the hat, sharing lots of fun on the way. A gentle tale of reassurance offering comfort to children who may be experience difficulties, showing them that friendship can be found even in the most unlikeliest of places. Exquisitely illustrated by Kirsti, every spread is rich with details and the muted tones add to the charm of this read. Magical and mystical in every way, this is a truly delightful and heart-warming tale.

As part of ‘The Mist Monster,’ blog tour I’m delighted to share with you a special guest post from Kirsti.

Rough and Final – Kirsti Beautyman

I find it really interesting to see other artists dummy books and roughs so thought I would share one of the final approved roughs for The Mist Monster with you! I often find looking at roughs just as exciting as seeing the final pieces. I visited Seven Stories (National Centre for Children’s Books) archive years ago when I was still in university, and I was so intrigued by the dummy books and roughs they had in their collection for some of my favourite children’s books. There was something very real and beautiful about seeing the development between a rough and a coloured piece. Whilst the line work for my approved roughs was quite neat (it did NOT start out this way, this was after many rounds of pencil sketches, but goodness knows where all those loose sheets of paper have gone!), there is still a good deal of difference between the roughs and final piece, things being moved etc and also the development of Dad as a character! ‘

Blog Tour

Why not catch up with the rest of the blog tour for more reviews and guest posts.

Thank you to Louisa and Scholastic for inviting me to join in with the blog tour and for sending me a gifted copy of this wonderful book. ‘The Mist Monster,’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop.

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