The Nothing To See Here Hotel by Steven Butler, illustrated by Steven Lenton

Today it’s my stop on the Lollies blog tour a celebration of the funniest books of the last year. Luckily for me I get to champion the fabulous first book in the, ‘Nothing To See Here Hotel,’ written by Steven Butler and illustrated by Steven Lenton, which has been shortlisted in the 6 – 8 years category.

You know from the moment you open the pages of, ‘The Nothing to See Here Hotel.’ that this is not going to be your average, run-of-the-mill story. There is nothing that can be described as ordinary in this entire book. In fact, the very opposite is true – everything is truly extraordinary, odd, weird and every other adjective for strange you can think of. Imagine, if you will, a mysterious, enchanted hotel invisible to humans, bursting with grumpy trolls and power-hungry goblins. Throw some revenge-seeking pirates into the mix, and that’s just a small taste of this hilarious and totally bonkers book.

Steven Butler has created the most bizarre but endearing characters, who will really appeal to children. Who could resist the fabulous and somewhat heroic Frankie Bannister, who is – very importantly – 1/36th troll? Or the repugnant and dastardly Prince Grogbah, with his ridiculous and highly amusing demands? This superb characterisation is captured brilliantly by Steven Lenton, with witty and gruesome illustrations featuring the most fun and intricate details that are guaranteed to spark creativity in every child. I’m a huge fan of illustrated fiction books: they allow children to gain confidence without being overwhelmed by pages of text. ‘The Nothing to See Here Hotel,’ stands out from the crowd, with its many comic moments and its original storytelling.

Don’t just take my word for out, find out what the children in my book groups thought about this hilarious adventure,

There are swashbuckling pirates, fire-breathing dragons, human-eating plants, fairies with toothbrushes and, of course, there is Frankie Bannister. Frankie is the main character; he has copper eyes, pointy ears and a great big smile on his face! Steven Lenton is a fantastic illustrator and he brings this book to life.


I found it really amusing and inspiring. It also had lots of excitement and cliffhangers within the book. The illustrations are fabulous, the language was fantastic and, best of all, it is amazingly funny. I would definitely recommend it to others.


I think people would really enjoy The Nothing to See Here Hotel because it’s got loads of made-up monsters. My favourite character is Hoggit the pet dragon, who lives in the fireplace. I wondered if he was going to learn how to breathe fire. The best bit was when the goblin prince didn’t realise what he’d stolen – it was a big surprise. The pictures were really good: they helped explain the story.


This funny story about a magical creature hotel made me giggle. My favourite part of the story was where the goblin Prince Grogbah fainted and they all thought he was dead. I like the fact that there are pictures on most pages, and the characters look just how I’d imagined they would.


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