Cover Reveal – Blood Captain by Justin Somper

Today I am delighted to reveal the cover of book three of the revamped new editions of the bestselling VAMPIRATES series, ‘Blood Captain.’ Following on from the reveal of book one, ‘Demons of the Ocean,’ by Justin Somper and book two, ‘Tide of Terror,’ by Authorfy, it’s a real treat for me to share this with you on the blog. It will be published on the 5th March 2020 by Uclan Publishing.

So without further ado here it is…

I just love this stunning cover illustrated and designed by Crush Creative it hints at the dramatic turns of events that await Grace and Connor. The books contain brand new high-quality artwork, interior illustrations and a cutaway diagram of the pirate ship, plus new content including secrets that have never been revealed before. Let’s find out what Justin has instore for us in the third instalment.

Can Grace save Lorcan, as he once saved her?

Orphaned twins Connor and Grace are leading very different lives.
Connor, still aboard the pirate ship Diablo, is faced with a life-changing
decision from which there is no return. Meanwhile Grace is aware that
tie is running out for her vampire love, Lorcan, and she must fid a
way to save him. This means undertaking a quest to the highest
mountain to seek out vampire healer and guru, Mosh Zu. But doing so
reveals the real secrets of the vampirates. What is the truth, and can
anyone actually handle it..?

Thank you to Uclan Publishing for inviting me to host the cover reveal. You can win a set of the first three books by heading over to my Twitter page.

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