The Pear Affair – Judith Eagle, illustrated by Kim Geyer

I do love a clever mystery, so was delighted when ‘The Pear Affair,’ landed on my desk.  Kim Geyer’s cover is just glorious and perfectly captures the intrigue and mystery that lies beneath. I couldn’t resist diving it and soon found myself transported to 1960s Paris where unexplained events are occurring. Nell Magnificent can’t stand her materialistic and selfish parents and likes to be as far away from them as possible but when she discover they are going on a trip to Paris, she insists they take her along. For Paris is holding something very close to Nell’s heart, her old au pair Perrine – Pear- who returned to Paris leaving her heartbroken. Nell hasn’t heard from Pear in six months and is determined to track her down. But soon she finds herself caught up in an even bigger mystery which is threatening the livelihoods of many Parisians. With the help of a band of children who hang out under the city in tunnels, Nell will stop at nothing to uncover the truth and be reunited with her beloved Pear.

This hugely appealed to all of my mystery-loving sensibilities. Judith has perfectly plotted a tale that continually caught me out, leading me down one path and then abruptly turning in another direction. Just as I was convinced I had worked out what was going on, she completely surprised me. Wonderfully atmospheric, you can almost smell the fresh bread in the boulangeries, spy the Eiffel tower looming above you and feel the dampness of the dark tunnels hidden away under the city. She has assembled a marvellous cast of characters from the formidable Nell who faces her fear to try and discover the truth about the disappearance of Pear, even when it puts her in great peril. Her band of friends who inhabit the tunnels are an interesting and well thought out bunch who each have their part to play in this daring adventure. Like Judith’s debut, she has again created the most dastardly villains including Nell’s truly despicable vain and greedy parents whose disdain for her is unbearably awful. It has all the necessary ingredients for a perfect mystery adventure and she seamlessly weaves all of the different threads together. Superb characterisation and just the right amount of peril and drama keep the pace flowing throughout the story. Effortlessly entertaining and enjoyable, an absolute gem of a book.


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Thank you to Faber for inviting me to join in with the blog tour and for sending me a gifted copy of this marvellous mystery. ‘The Pear Affair,’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop on the 5th March.

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