The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley – Amber Lee Dodd


For once in Noah Bradley’s life, he feels happy and everything seem to be going to plan. He’s settled in at school and managed to befriend the popular crowd and loves his new house. There’s just one small problem that could upset all of his plans, Noah and his family are burdened by a terrible curse that destroys every home the family has ever lived in. Noah has had enough of never unpacking his bag and always being ready to move. Can he and his brother Billy find a way to break this centuries old curse so that at last they can find a place to call home?

Amber excels in writing thoughtful and powerful stories centred around families. The Bradley family is fractured, the stress of constantly moving is putting everyone on edge. Noah’s dad feels like it’s time to have space from his family leaving him to look after his younger brother Billy while his mum works all hours at her new job. So the stakes are high as Noah struggles to find a way to defeat the curse and reunite his family. Although the reader is swept away by the action as Noah faces a seemingly impossible task, it is the connection we feel with the characters that shines through. She offers us an insight into the hearts and minds of the children, each of whom has had their own personal challenges and are struggling to make sense of the world around them and the place within it. Wonderful characterisation meets emotional storytelling in the magical and thrilling tale.

To celebrate the release of, ‘The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley,’ Amber Lee Dodd is sharing a different curse on each stop of the blog tour. Today she shares with us an Old Norse myth, ‘Andvari’s Gold.’

Andvari’s gold (Old Norse mythology)

You may be familiar with stories about cursed rings. But the Curse of Andvari’s gold and his magic ring is the story that started everything. Andvari’s gold is an old Norse tale about a clever and careful dwarf named Andvari and his magic ring. The magic ring allowed Andvari to find treasure and become fabulously rich. Pilling mountains of gold into his cave beneath a waterfall, Andvari was very happy. Until one day the trickster God Loki caught him and forced him to hand over the gold in exchange for his freedom. To free himself Andvari agreed, knowing that the ring would be able to replace what was lost. But Loki on spotting Andvari’s ring forced him to hand that over too. Andvari did but only after cursing it, so anyone in possession would fall into madness. Eventually the ring found its way into dwarf hands again, where it turned everyone against each other. One by one the dwarves ended up killing, tricking and lying their way to getting their hands on the ring.

Blog Tour

Thank you to Amber for this really interesting post. You can find out about more curses on the rest of the blog tour…

Thank you to Scholastic for inviting me to join in with the blog tour and for sending me a gifted copy. ‘The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley,’ is available to buy now online.

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