Interview with a Tiger & Other Clawed Beasts Too – Andy Seed, illustrated by Nick East

Andy Seed, author of over 20 non-fiction titles for children and a previous winner of the Blue Peter Book Award is back with a new information book, ‘Interview with a Tiger & Other Clawed Beasts Too.’ Brilliantly illustrated by Nick East this book lets up get up close and personal with then fierce and furry beasts to find out more about their habits, likes and dislikes, asking them the questions you’d only dared to dream of asking. Who wouldn’t want to ask a lion if he has seen the Lion King, it’s at the forefront of all our minds if we’d ever had the chance to bump into one! Entertaining and engaging this book is packed with fascinating facts (and slightly bizarre ones too) and will appeal to younger readers with it’s humorous and lively illustrations.

To celebrate the release of this tigeriffic book, I have a special guest post from the author Andy Seed.

Interview with a Tiger guest blog post – Andy Seed


I think not many people would classify children’s author as a dangerous job. I mean we’re rarely called to dive deep into the North Atlantic, and I can’t recall too many occasions where I’ve had to rescue a puppy from a crumbling cliff or defuse an unexploded grenade in a pensioner’s loft.

OK, so a lot of us go into schools and have to answer really strange questions from six-year-olds. And we do take risks if we attempt to express an opinion on Twitter, but mostly it’s a safe affair… unless, that is, you need to interview a tiger.

That’s exactly what I did in my new book Interview with a Tiger & Other Clawed Beasts Too. It wasn’t easy but I just about escaped alive!

Interestingly, the tiger asked if she could interview me too and, exclusively, here is our chat…

Tiger: What’s it like being an author? Do you have to hunt for food?

Andy: It’s great being an author. I love writing fun books, especially about tigers. But, no, we don’t have to hunt for our food – we have things called shops. Actually, we don’t even use those much at the moment – the food is just sort of, er, delivered to our door. Wow, we have it easy compared with you.

Tiger: Can’t be bad. Maybe you can organise me a couple of deliveries of fresh gazelle with a side of boar?

Andy: Erm, I’ll see what I can do.

Tiger: Right, so you’ve written a book of facts all about me. How did you find out the information?

Andy: I asked you.

Tiger: Oh yes, so you did. Have you talked to any other animals?

Andy: Indeed, the book features interviews with nine other beasts with claws. There was a lion…

Tiger: Never heard of it.

Andy: …A snow leopard…

Tiger: What! I hate leopards! They’re always pinching deer from my territory. Grrrr!

Andy: …A wolf…

Tiger: Daft dogs – all howl and no prowl.

Andy: …A polar bear…

Tiger: Don’t like bears either. They smell.

Andy: …A jaguar…

Tiger: What, you interviewed a car? This book is so weird.

Andy: No, it’s a big cat. Not as big as you, of course, but capable of killing a crocodile. They live in South America.

Tiger: Whatever. So, this book about me… why would anybody be interested in it?

Andy: Well, it tells people lots about tigers, it’s funny, and it has superb pictures by Nick East, the brilliant illustrator.

Tiger: Is he a human like you?

Andy: Erm, yes, I think he is.

Tiger: He’s not one of those poachers is he? Wants to shoot me for my skin and claws?

Andy: No, Nick’s a very nice man. Like me he thinks people should look after tigers, not destroy them.

Tiger: Good, I like him. I still might eat him, but I like him.

Andy: The book has some pages about ways that young people can help protect endangered animals.

Tiger: Quite right too. Good. One last question: how do you skinny little humans mark your territory? Do you spray urine or leave doo-doo markers? I’m thinking poo.

Andy: No, er, we use privet hedges.

Tiger: You pee on those?

Andy: You know what, I think we should end the interview there. Thank you, Mrs Bengal Tiger!

Tiger: Strange man…

Thank you to Andy and err Tiger for this fascinating interview…

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Thank you to Lorraine and Welbeck for inviting me to join in with the blog tour and for sending me a gifted copy of the book. ‘Interview with a Tiger & Other Clawed Beasts Too,’ is available  to buy now online or from any good bookshop. If you can please support your local independent bookshop. You can find your nearest one here.

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