The Ten Riddles of Earth Quicksmith by Loris Owen

For Kip life is difficult, he’s struggling to fit into school and his whole family is in turmoil. Things dramatically change for the better when a mysterious invitation is delivered to him by a strange beetle shaped drone that appears to be alive. Invited to attend Quicksmiths, an unorthodox school beyond the realms of his imaginations, a place where he finally feels normal. School life is quickly disrupted when a challenge is set to solve ten riddle in ten days to reveal the location of the The Ark of Ideas, where the school’s founder Eartha Quicksmith’s immense knowledge has been stored, hidden away to protect it from dark forces who would use its power for evil. Kip is determined to solve the riddles hoping that the Ark may find a way to save his family, but it’s a race against time. Can Kip and his friends find a way to navigate these complex and dangerous tasks before the Ark falls into the wrong?

I had so much fun reading this brilliant and inventive book. Loris has created a truly magnificent world that will delight and astound readers with it’s fully imagined school for children with remarkable abilities. The attention to detail is amazing, it has a real cinematic quality allowing the reader to visualise the setting as it emerges before their eyes. The strange energies, the remarkable inventions and the weird creatures that inhabit this school are wonderfully compelling. She has also created the most complex and interesting characters who you can’t help root for. From the vulnerable but brave Kip, who will stop at nothing to help his family to Albert his loyal and brilliant friend. This is more than just a thrilling edge-of-your-seat adventure it’s about learning to believe in yourself and the power of friendships to become unstoppable collaborations even in the darkest of times. I think children will love trying to solve the puzzles and riddles within the story that Loris has cleverly constructed, it gives this story an added element of mystery and intrigue. Thoughtfully produced with a stunning cover by Anne Glenn, this book stands out from the crowd. This is a really cracking debut, I really hope there’s more adventures to come for Kip and his friends.

Thanks to Meg and Firefly for sending me a gifted proof copy of this book. ‘The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith,’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop. If you can please support your local independent bookshop, you can find your nearest one here.


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