Cover Reveal – Wee? It wasn’t me! by Clare Helen Welsh, illustrated by Nicola O’Byrne

Today I am delighted to welcome Clare Helen Welsh to the blog to tell us about her new book, ‘Wee? It wasn’t me!’ illustrated by Nicola O’Byrne and she will also be exclusively revealing the cover. I have been lucky enough to have a sneak peek and it’s just brilliant. A clever mix of funny facts and hilarious storytelling captured wonderfully by Nicola’s humorous and vibrant illustrations.

Clare Helen Welsh – Wee? It wasn’t me! Cover Reveal

I’m really excited to be writing this guest post for Booklover Jo, with the details and cover reveal of my next picture book!

Wee? It wasn’t me?’ is illustrated by Nicola O’Byrne and publishes with Macmillan on April 1st. It is the second book in a series about Lenny the lemur, who goes on holiday and gets more than he bargained for!

In his first adventure, ‘Poo! Is that you?’ Lenny visited the Amazon rainforest and when a nasty niff interrupted his snooze, he learned all about some wonderful animals and their smells.

Poo is that you? illustrated by Nicola O’Byrne

In this next instalment, Lenny is holidaying in Alaska and is once again on a mission – this time to find out who made the piddle of piddle he slipped in.  

Interwoven with facts about wolves, mountain goats, caribous and more, it’s the perfect combination of story, learning and laughs!

So, without any further ado, here it is!

Doesn’t it look brilliant? The insides are spectacular, too! Nicola and designer, Becky Chilcott, really have worked magic. Lenny is also delighted, which got me thinking… are there any other fabulously famous lemurs in children’s fiction? Lenny and I did a little research and picked our favourites.

Here they are:

1. How to Lose a Lemur – Frann Preston -Gannon

In this story, a child tries to escape an ever-growing number of lemurs. It’s fun spotting and counting the lemurs through the settings that include scorching desserts, mountain blizzards, skies, lakes and forests. I particularly like that this story plays on the true to life nature of lemurs –once they take a liking to you, there isn’t much you can do about it! It reminds me of when I was a teacher and I took my class on a trip to the zoo. A lemur jumped out of nowhere and onto a parent’s handbag! There’s a photo of that moment somewhere.

2. The Lemur’s Tale – Ophelia Redpath

A Lemur’s Tale is a touching story about finding safety in a country that isn’t your own. A ring-tailed lemur is stowed away on a boat from Madagascar and ends up in a city, secretly living in a house with a girl and her family. It’s beautifully illustrated and was on the Kate Greenway longlist in 2014. The lemur causes quite a lot of mischief – as lemurs often do – raiding the larder and nibbling plants, but the lemur brings hope and happiness to the Laruby family in the end.

3. Little Lemur Laughing – Josh Siegel

Not a picture book but a collection of poetry, Little lemur Laughing is a book packed with lots of silly, funny poems written by Josh Siegel. This book came recommended to me by another brilliant poet, Coral Rumble, and didn’t disappoint. Covering everything from conkers, to stickers, to spaghetti-eating dogs and a stomping brontosaurus, there’s a poem about pretty much everything (yes, even lemurs). All the poems are wonderfully visual, accessible are perfect for sharing aloud.

‘Wee? It Wasn’t Me!’ is published on April 1st by Macmillan and is available to pre-order now online and from all good bookshops, I can highly recommend ‘Stories by the Sea’ and ‘Bear Hunt Books,’ who can deliver to your door! 

Stories by the Sea – Where Reading Rocks! 

Bear hunt independent, online children’s bookshop UK – Bear Hunt Books 

Thank you to Clare and Macmillan for inviting me to host the cover reveal, I’m really looking forward to sharing this hilarious book with the children at school.


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