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From time to time, I guest blog over on blogs, in case you missed them here is a round up of my posts featuring reviews, a Q & A and thoughts about the book world.

Feminist February – My Attic Library

2018 is a particularly interesting year, it marks 100 years since the Representation of the People Act 1918 which gave women the vote for the first time. Although equality of suffrage wasn’t achieved till 1928, this was a landmark achievement for the suffragette movement. To coincide with this anniversary there has been a number of wonderful books released featuring a marvellous array of strong real and fictional female characters who are bound to inspire our children. I was delighted to be invited to take part in a special Feminist February feature on the My Attic Library blog as part of this I chose three of these books, all suitable for different age groups so I am hoping there is something for everyone in my choices.

You can read the full feature over on the My Attic Library Blog.

MG/YA Recommended Reads

You can read the full round up over at the blog.


MG Recommended Reads

You can read the round up over on the blog.

MG/YA Recommended Reads


You can read the full reviews over on the blog,

Q & A GR Gemin – Summer Book Club

sweet pizza

I took part in the Big Book Project Summer Book Club feature and was delighted to introduce my pick for the wonderful heart warming tale from G.R. Gemin ‘Sweet Pizza’. It tells the story of Joe a Welsh-Italian boy whose family runs a café which is well past its sell by date. Against his Mum’s wishes he desperately wants to preserve his family heritage and bring the café back to life. A thoroughly uplifting story, true food for the soul which left me with a warm glow inside, I cannot recommend this book enough.

I did a Q & A with G.R Gemin as part of the feature which you can read in full on the blog.

A Sad Farwell to the Guardian Children’s book site


It was with great sadness that I learned the news on Twitter, that the Guardian was closing its children’s book site. Although it will still be covering children’s books on its main site, sadly the coverage will be aimed at adults and not children. In the aftermath of the announcement my Twitter feed was filled with comments from parents, librarians, authors , illustrators and book professionals who were hugely disappointed at the loss of this fantastic resource. For me I felt the loss both personally and professionally and it was a massive blow to the Cover Kids Campaign which I strongly support. I asked a representation of the different types of users of the website from children, parents, authors, bloggers and book professionals, to find out how they felt about the closure of the site.

You can read my full post on the blog.

Why I Blog About Books


I started blogging about Children’s Books about eighteen months ago in response to regularly being asked to recommend books by parents, children and teachers at the school. Working as a school librarian gives me access to lots of children and parents but I began to wonder how I could best share my love of books with as many people as possible. I don’t get the opportunity to talk to every parent who may be looking for ways to inspire a love of reading, so hopefully my blog offers some ideas of new and different books to suggest to their children.

You can read my full post on the blog.