Cover Reveal – Toby and the Silver Blood Witches by Sally Doherty

I’m really excited to be able to reveal for you today, the cover of Sally Doherty’s debut, ‘Toby and the Silver Blood Witches,’ which will be published on 19th July.

So without further ado here it is…

This beautiful cover was illustrated by Sarah Jane Docker. For me this stunning artwork hints at the mysterious and magical tale that lies beneath the cover. I’ve been lucky enough to have an early read and this is a really thoughtful but entertaining story. Full of twists, turns and the unexpected, it has just the right amount of peril to keep readers turning the pages. A satisfying and enthralling read. Let’s find out more about what Sally has instore for us in, ‘Toby and the Silver Blood Witches‘.

Toby and the Silver Blood Witches

A sinister plot. A secret city in the sky. A boy with an impossible choice.

Twelve year old Toby has little time for friends or football since his mum fell ill. All he wants is to stay at home and keep an eye on her. 

But mysterious things are happening beyond his garden hedge. And who is the strange woman in his attic with her clumsy magic and bothersome bat?

Entangled in adventure, Toby must embark on a dangerous mission. A girl’s life is at stake and time is running out.

Thank you to Sally for inviting me to host the cover reveal. ‘Toby and the Silver Blood Witches,’ is available to buy from the 19th July. 10% of profits from the sale of this book will go to The ME Association.


1 thought on “Cover Reveal – Toby and the Silver Blood Witches by Sally Doherty

  1. Kate Poels

    How exciting and what a simply gorgeous cover.
    I am so looking forward to having a read of this.
    Not long to go!



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