I am a mum to 2 girls and we are all slightly obsessed with books.

I spend my days as a Primary School Librarian looking for great books to recommend to encourage children to read for pleasure. I try to read a wide variety of primary fiction books so that I can find personal recommendations for individual children.

My other passion is Picture Books, I run weekly storytime sessions at school and I’m always searching for great books to read aloud. I am a huge advocate of the importance of Picture Books for Older Readers and have devoted a large area of my school library to these. I’m constantly  looking for new exciting books in this area to entice the children at my school.

I hope that my blog will introduce you to some fantastic authors and help inspire children to embark or continue on their reading adventure.


Jo Clarke




14 thoughts on “About

  1. Rebecca Blumstein

    Hello Jo,
    Your reviews are lovely – many thanks. I’m an obsessive reader and mum to two young boys (3 & 8) for whom I’m always trying to find new reads. I’m not sure how to use your blog (am not an experienced reader of blogs). Do you classify books by possible suitability for age at all?
    Many thanks,


    1. bookloverjo Post author

      Hi Rebecca
      Thanks for your lovely feedback. All of the books I review are suitable for Primary aged children. I don’t categorise them by age as children read at such different levels. All of the picture books I review are suitable for pre-school children and above, illustrated fiction from 5 and above and the majority of the other fiction I review is Middle Grade which is roughly 8 and over. If you have a query about the suitability of a particular title please do get in touch and I will be happy to advise.

      Best Wishes


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  3. Mia

    Hi Jo,

    I’m manageress at an independent book shop in Cardiff Bay. I wanted to invite you down and offer you 10% discount.

    I’m starting a book tube channel on YouTube and would love to record us having a natter about books if your interested? If not the discount still stands!

    I really hope you can find the time to visit Octavo Book Cafe & Wine Bar!


    1. bookloverjo Post author


      Thanks for getting in touch, sadly I live quite a long way away from Cardiff otherwise I would have loved to have taken you up on your offer. Good luck with the YouTube channel. Jo


  4. Bookywookadoodah

    So pleased to have discovered this blog as I start on my own children’s book blog journey. I love how detailed your reviews are and can’t wait to read some of the books you have reviewed! Following!!



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