Fire Girl – Matt Ralphs


I read ‘Fire Girl’ after hearing it recommended on #UKMGCHAT which is when like minded book obsessive types like me get together and chat on Twitter. I then watched the book trailer and knew this was a book I would definitely enjoy, you can watch the trailer on the link below.

It tells the story of a young girl Hazel Hooper who has spent a solitary childhood with her magical mother growing up in an enchanted glade, to protect her from the outside world. One day her mother is kidnapped by a demon and Hazel discovers in her attempt to fight back, that she too has magical powers. She manages to create a familiar in her rage a dormouse called Bramley who is very grumpy with his new destiny. Hazel knows she has to find her mother and track down the demon but she has never even left the glade before and she sets off into an unknown England. Once she is out there  she enlists the help of demon hunters which is an unhappy alliance for her as they’re also notorious Witch Finders and she must ensure they don’t find out that she is a Fire Witch.

We are drawn into a world of suspicions, dark magic and demons as Hazel embarks on a mission to rescue her mother. Hazel is a fiesty, determined character who is in control of her destiny but at times needs her trusty familiar Bramley to guard over her and guide her on this dangerous quest. I loved the relationship between these two and how it develops over the story from one of indifference to absolute loyalty. The story has just the right element of fear running throughout  which helps build the tension and makes it virtually impossible to put down. The language of this story is beautifully descriptive and it’s very easy to become lost within this magical world. You can imagine yourselves hiding with Hazel in the woods, trying to avoid being captured by the dark forces. For me the book felt more real set in this alternative England which helped to maintain my belief that this could have actually happened and made it more vivid to me.

If you know any children who love magic with an element of darkness then this is the book for them. It will definitely keep them wanting for more and is a really compelling read, I highly recommend it.


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