Moonchild: Voyage of the Lost and Found – Aisha Bushby, illustrated by Rachael Dean

Today I am delighted to kick off the blog tour for the first book in a brand new series by Aisha Bushby, ‘Moonchild: Voyage of the Lost and Found,’ illustrated by Rachael Dean.  Twelve year old Amira has only experienced a life at sea with her two sea-witch mothers and her best friend Namur – a jinn in cat form, until a terrible storm wrecks their dhow forcing them to seek refuge on land. Despite facing land sickness Amira is keen to explore this new world and enjoy a tiny taste of freedom. But a chance encounter with a boy, Leo, who like her has a jinn, Amira realises that they are connected in some way and together they are stirring up a mysterious and deadly storm. When Namur goes missing, Amira is forced to embark on a dangerous journey, to a place where lost things can be found, not realising that she will discover something about her past that will change the course of her destiny.

Inspired by The Arabian Nights, Aisha whisks us away to a rich and exotic world filled with magic, secrets and mystery. She transports the reader through the most beautiful and descriptive language stimulating all of our senses. We hear the danger in the storm rattling ominously in the sky above, the waves crashing against the dhow spraying us with salt and smell the aromas that Amira experiences so deeply. We feel the tumult of Amira’s emotions as she battles to control her anger in a place where thoughts and feelings are supressed by tonics and potions.  I particularly loved how the traditional stories were woven through the narrative enriching the tale and making us feel like we’ve been on a epic voyage alongside the characters. Rachael’s stunning illustrations and cover capture perfectly the magic and wonder of this beautiful story. Vivid and glorious storytelling meets superb characterisation in this wonderful and thoughtful tale.

Thank you to Siobhan and Egmont for inviting me to join in with the blog tour. ‘Moonchild: Voyage of the Lost and Found,’ is released on the 6th August and is available to pre-order now online and from all good bookshops. If you can please support your local indie bookshop.

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1 thought on “Moonchild: Voyage of the Lost and Found – Aisha Bushby, illustrated by Rachael Dean

  1. John Bray

    This sounds like a beautiful book. Just wondering if there are any good food scenes? I always enjoy an adventure more on an (imaginary) full stomach 😉

    I’ve been wondering how authors are coping with book launches during lockdown. The blog tour seems a nice approach. I’m launching a book later this year and I’m definitely nervous about how that’ll work. Hope Moonchild gets seen, it sounds lovely and worthy of a read (just sent a sample to my Kindle 🙂 ), thanks for sharing, All the best, John 🙂



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