A Fantastical Guide to Mythical Creatures


If you have fans of fantastical beasts or ferocious dragons then let me take you on a voyage of discovery  across ancient lands and civilisations to discover the worlds of an amazing array of mythical creatures. Featuring a mythical colour and discover book, a handbook for aspiring dragon keepers and an interactive guide to dragons there is something for everyone to enjoy and explore.

The Book of Beasts  Colour and Discover- Angela Rizza & Jonny Marx


Filled with hundreds of mythical monsters from around the world. The Book of Beasts will take readers on an epic colouring quest through ancient lands and lore. Divided into four chapters featuring creatures associated with earth, water, wind and fine, you can discover the very best beasts including the menacing Minotaur, colossal Kraken, loathsome Leviathan, many-headed Hydra and more. Beautifully presented in a stunning hardback cover embossed with foiled gold it is a treasure trove of information that will fascinate and inform. Each page is filled with stunning, intricate illustrations of awesome beasts  and fantastical creatures waiting to be coloured and discovered.

The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook – Mónica Armino


Imagine a parcel arriving in the post containing a mysterious object. Upon opening this box you find a dragon’s egg inside with a note declaring that your application to become a Grand Master Dragon Keeper has been successful! This handbook takes you through the journey filled with adventure, treasure hunting, peril and almost certain death as you embark on this difficult path. Packed full of fabulous lift-the-flaps and glorious pop-outs this book is joy to behold. We were fascinated and entertained in equal measures by this glorious book.

Build the Dragon – Templar Publishing 


If after reading ‘The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook’ you are longing for your very own dragon, well look no further than ‘Build The Dragon’. Enter the magical realm of dragons with a beautifully illustrated guide and a 3D model. Construct your very own creature, then wind up the motor and watch it come to life! Containing just the right amount of detail the book lets us find out everything we need to know about dragons, from myths and legends, to anatomy, behaviour and supernatural powers. Wonderfully accessible, the interactive element provides an interesting alternative to encourage reluctant readers to want to discover more about their new pet.

Thank you to Buster Books and Templar Publishing for sending me copies of these books.


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